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‘Tissenhovemolen’ at Mater (Belgium)

‘Tissenhovemolen’ at Mater (Belgium)

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Mark Billiau.

Premium (World), region Antwerp, Belgium

‘Tissenhovemolen’ at Mater (Belgium)

A first windmill on this spot was built in 1218.
In 1768 the mill was rebuilt and can still be admired today.

Extensive restoration works took place in 1975 & 2006 and the mill is still able to grind grain.

My shot shows the windmill during a thunderstorm in the evening after a very hot day.

Location : Mater (Belgium)


The Netherlands is generally known as the land par excellence of windmills, but we have in Belgium also some fine specimens.
Click here to have a look :


A big thanks to J Oscar Sierra Echo for the nomination of this picture !

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