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The Irish Harpist

The Irish Harpist

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The Irish Harpist

Fotografierte ich mit seiner Erlaubnis (ich schickte ihm danach die Bilder) im Stadtpark von Budapest im Herbst 2005 mit einer DSC-H1.
Es gibt wohl kaum schönere Orte als dort und in dieser wundervollen poetischen Jahreszeit dem Klang irischer Lauten zu lauschen.

Picture that I took with his permission (I sent them afterwards to him) in the city park of Budapest in Fall 2005. Probably there isn´t any place of this beauty in this poetic season to listen to the sound of irish ballads.

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  • steffen s... 30/11/2005 21:27 Voting comment

    not for the gallery
    ..too small contrast
    ...too jerky background

    sorry contra
  • Robert Riley 30/11/2005 21:27 Voting comment

    You have better shots in your portfolio, sorry, Contra
  • Vladimir Danilov 30/11/2005 21:27 Voting comment

    O.K., we´ll wait for your best works 8-)).

    Sorry, contra. Too much work should be still applied to this photo.
  • Moritz Huber 30/11/2005 21:27 Voting comment

    Its not specially my best, even if I like it :-), but the first picture that I want to be voted on, and I hope you will enjoy it...