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I use Olympus C-8080 and Photoshop and clean brains when editing a picture. Well, sometimes this combination brings results.


15.02.2006: upgraded to the DSLR-camera Olympus E-500 Double Zoom Kit

Industrial sunset
Industrial sunset
Vladimir Danilov

First ice skaters #2
First ice skaters #2
Vladimir Danilov

Blue portrait of winter
Blue portrait of winter
Vladimir Danilov

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  • Alex Fuchs 11/10/2008 22:57

    Well-well, and where is the new inspirations?? So where are you, Vlad? :))
  • Vera Guk 30/01/2007 23:16

    Zdarova!!!Vot reshila zaiti)))Eto pugovitsa))).A dai ssylo4ku na fotki tvoei do4urki pliz)) I novye Katyushkiny(esli est`)
  • Pepiñio Potamo 03/10/2006 23:32

    Vladimir thank you for your advice regarding the way I should shoot my photographs ( at leas the one you make a commento to ).
    Thks, again

    Pepiñio Potamo
  • Stefanos Lampridis 02/09/2006 18:31

    Hi Vladimir, thank you for commenting my photo.
    Stefanos Lampridis
  • Leonid M 20/06/2006 18:37

    Vielen dank !!!
    Strasburg von Oben
    Strasburg von Oben
    Leonid M
  • Alex Fuchs 28/03/2006 18:55

    U tebya uzhe 3 zvezdi... nado bi eshe parochku :-)) Pozdravlyau Vov!
  • Claire L. 24/03/2006 11:59

    Thank you so much for your welcome and your inspiring comment! Greetings from Singapore Claire
  • Sergio Pessolano 24/03/2006 9:07

    Hi Vladimir,
    Thank you for your welcome.
    Yes, I just come back home and actually I am replying to the mails and to the comments.
    I would like to say you that digital works really great: I didn't expect such a result. I shot a lot of great tribes portraits. Maybe next week I will post something about.
    Have a great weekend.
  • Daniela Damgova 20/03/2006 6:03

    Privet Vladimir!
    Wonderful photos! Good luck! (Ni puha,ni pera!:)
  • Massimo Carolla 17/03/2006 22:58

    thanks for your words in the comment on my picture, regards massimo
  • Robert L. Roux 26/02/2006 12:28

    go, leafs, go... ;-))
  • xxx xxx 10/02/2006 21:42

    Wowa,als Moderator,Du bist ganz selten beim PC !
  • Kinga Duchnowska 29/01/2006 18:04

    Thanks much Vladimir :)
    features of face I
    features of face I
    Kinga Duchnowska

    Best regards!
  • Klaus al pronto 27/01/2006 21:32

    Thaks for your comment in the voting !
    greetz klaus
    Klaus al pronto
  • Milan Bystron 16/01/2006 20:20

    Hi Vladimir,

    Thanks you for your comment on my picture. I like where you likes my photography. Greeting from Czech Republic sends Milan Bystron :)
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