The Fungi World (173) : Splendid Webcap

The Fungi World (173) : Splendid Webcap

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Mark Billiau.

Premium (World), region Antwerp, Belgium

The Fungi World (173) : Splendid Webcap

The Splendid Webcap with its bright yellow colour is a rare but striking appearance in the fungi world.

This species usually grows in the most darkest places of deciduous forests where only occasional a dash of sun is shining (this makes a good exposure a real challenge for the photographer).

Beware ! This fungus is highly toxic and has a significant risk of death if consumed !

Dutch name : Gele Beukengordijnzwam
German name : Leuchtendgelbe Klumpfuss (auch Schöngelbe Klumpfuss genannt)
Latin name : Cortinarius splendens

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