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...Sun "Flower"...

...Sun "Flower"...

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Adinda Gosal

Free Account, Jakarta

...Sun "Flower"...

... ; )

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  • Dominikus Septiasto 12/01/2006 10:26

    keren bgt..gua suka gayanya, warnanya, lokasinya, modelnya..hehe..
    fotonya di bsd ya?
    gua juga pernah foto di ilalang di bsd..
  • Helmuth St. 23/12/2005 1:08

    it´s wonderful to see a picture like this.
    naturally and authentic, dynamic and powerful and with a very positive expression.
    I like this one really very much.

    kind regards helmuth
  • Dirk Hofmann 22/12/2005 0:15

    can you handle a third one?
  • Adinda Gosal 21/12/2005 22:50

    ;D LOL.... owh NO!....YES you're right Dirk ! model looks like having a beard!!!...FOOL me for NOT noticed that part as a beard !... ;D

    Owh God... : )
    see' guys are amazing!...all of your comments are really2 meant a lot for me...THANKS A LOT friends... : )

    ( Owh Please Dirk' dont have to sent that second comment Sir !...please...dont be "OverNice" with me... ;D )

    thank you still Dirk... : )

    this Bearded Lady is specially for Jeremy then... ;D lol
    ( owh help...i cannot stop laughing here!... ;D )

    love you guys
    my best regards
    ... ;D

  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 20/12/2005 1:13

    i agree very soft and romantic shot !
    love the swayng effect and colours. you are a great photographer

    jaime :)
  • Dirk Hofmann 20/12/2005 0:38

    well ... there is only one opinion here which really counts: that's your opinion ... you are the person which has to like the photo (and in this case the model of course)

    everything we say can only be meant as inspiration for other works or as a statement regarding our personal favour.

    so it it is the way you wanted it to be - fine for me!!!


    this is a community ... advice can be given but there is no need to do what people say ... ;-))
  • Polaroidstern 20/12/2005 0:11

    Feel the summer breezzzzze :-)
  • Jeremy B 19/12/2005 23:27

    If bearded women look that good... sign me up for one. ;-)
    Absolutely beautiful. Her 'pose' is very naturally captured and romantic. Excellent as usual.
  • Robert Riley 19/12/2005 22:39

    I have to agree with Dirk, far too much work done. She looks like she is growing a beard.
  • Abdul Khaliq 19/12/2005 21:40

    I LIKE IT ! you have a taste to combine colours.
  • Robert van der Sanden 19/12/2005 19:35

    An amazing portrait again in your own, personal style. I find it hard to express what I feel about this picture... it is always such a joy to look at your work...
    Warm wishes, Robert

    @Dirk: - oversharpened - ehm, I like that "rough edge" in this picture, together with the oversaturated colors.
  • Dirk Hofmann 19/12/2005 19:28

    nice lady, pretty colors ... slightly oversharpened for my taste