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i'm an amateur '...falling in Love with ART siiince......well, idon'tknow!... :D
learning PHOTOGRAPHY in specifically...n' get my self more interested in PORTRAIT'... ; )

gladly learning from all of you : )

best regards

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  • Rieva Azrul A 12/08/2009 10:14

    mbak dind udah jarang ngongol disini ya?
  • xtine 01/12/2007 23:43

    beautiful work,very,very impressive : )
  • Jannis G. 17/11/2007 22:00

    I am impressed by many of your photos!
  • Massimo Camocardi 21/08/2007 15:14

    Un portfolio d'autore!
    Complimenti sinceri!
  • The Globetrotter 12/07/2007 14:57

    I have no time because I'm in a I-netcafe, but nearly all of your pictures would deserve a comment! Great stuff I like it, I keep a eye on you...

    Greetings from Esfahan in Iran
  • Konstantinos Papazoglou 29/06/2007 9:35

    Very nice work, very certain way for shooting people. I really enjoyed watching. Congrats.
  • Joseph Eastman 28/06/2007 8:45

    Excellent portfolio you have here Adinda... full of meaning, emotions and personal aproach... pics to see over and over...
  • Maguire 19/06/2007 22:46

    I've just found your portfolio and am absolutely blown away... what outstanding work.

  • Marc Erpelding 14/06/2007 22:46

    Hello Adinda,

    I am very impressed by your work. Very poetic, great moods and perfect compositions!

    Kind regards,
  • Jeff Burgess 27/05/2007 23:45

    Having taken a look at your photos I must say your latest black and white work makes great use of negative space. Positioning of the subjects is what makes, among other things, the images shine. Good work. Regards.
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 12/05/2007 2:58

    absolutely excellent work you're sharing w us!! very refreshing w new perspectives and bold crops. so happy to meet you!!
    sarah k

  • Csaba Masznyik 08/05/2007 9:27

    Dear Heart!
    Thank You for Your kind comments.
    I love the style of Your photographs and looking forward to seeing more...
    All the best!
  • Rieva Azrul A 04/09/2006 6:39

    nebeng ngomong ah


    udah gituh ajah
  • Joey Herman 02/09/2006 17:38 bu dosen..ketemu oge didieu.....

    ..hormat gerak...
  • Idil Dizdar 21/01/2006 15:50

    thank you very muuch!! : ))
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