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Adinda Gosal

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" Heaven on Earth "
My Special Thankful for Every Friend of mine
here in Fotocommunity... ; )

best regards

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  • Pawel Majewski 20/05/2007 8:11

  • Anna Attlid 15/06/2006 19:36

    beautiful but to small.
  • Adinda Gosal 19/12/2005 18:19

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH' for Everyone !!!...i'm so very2 honoured...and i really2 appreciated all...Thank You Guys... : )

    my best regards
  • DJMAM 19/12/2005 16:36

    very good. nice picture
  • Abdul Khaliq 18/12/2005 18:39

    Deserve to be in the Gallery, i don't know how i missed this.
  • Jeremy B 16/12/2005 14:14

    Congrats friend. Very well deserved!
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 16/12/2005 12:48 Voting comment

    like i commented on this earlier before gallery proposel, loved it a soon as i saw it.
    beautiful flow about it, great colours, wonderful and dreamy like place to photograph.

  • Kay Wölfle 16/12/2005 12:48 Voting comment

    Would´ve preferred if this picture with all the subtle details had been loaded up with the double size option. There are quite a few artefacts (esp. on the skin). Nevertheless it is a sensual portrait with a great handling of natural light. Pro
  • Dominic Falcone 16/12/2005 12:48 Voting comment

  • Kim Clauson 16/12/2005 12:48 Voting comment

    I must say this image is very worthy of the Gallery. I like everything about this portrait. Impressive! PRO !
  • steffen s... 16/12/2005 12:48 Voting comment

    the strong colors stand in harmony with the statement..
  • Vladimir Danilov 16/12/2005 12:48 Voting comment

    Once I have voted for this author with the greatest pleasure
    psst......silent' #2
    psst......silent' #2
    Adinda Gosal

    Will do it again. I highly appreciate when a photographer has worked out his unique stile.
  • °°° celle °°° 16/12/2005 12:48 Voting comment

  • Jan Van Der Hooft 16/12/2005 12:48 Voting comment

    Great pic for me PRO
  • Colin Karpeta 16/12/2005 12:48 Voting comment

    To me this a a wonderful and unique portrait. Lovely. Pro


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