Preparing real Mojito in Old Havana

Preparing real Mojito in Old Havana

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Preparing real Mojito in Old Havana

A mojito traditionally consists of five ingredients: about 5 cl white Cuban rum, about 2.5 cl lime juice, 6-8 leaves of fresh mint, 3 teaspoons white cane sugar (or 2 cl sugar syrup) and soda water.
It is usually prepared directly in a long drink or highball glass (in the technical term built in glass). Put mint leaves, fresh lime juice and sugar into the glass and stir to release the aromas of the mint and dissolve the sugar, followed by the rum.
The mixture can then steep for a few minutes, after which the glass is filled with cracked ice (roughly crushed ice) and poured some soda water - about 4 cl - over it.
As a garnish, one or two sprigs of mint are lightly “clapped” with the flat of the hand so that the essential oils are released, and put into the glass and served with a drinking straw.

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  • Sesostris 19/08/2020 17:50

    mhhhhh lecker *g* 

  • Benita Sittner 17/08/2020 16:34

    ...die haben ganz schön zu tun unserer kleinen Bar in Havanna sah es auch so sollte sich mal bei uns in Deutschland so viele vorbereitete Gläser vorstellen...das wäre ein Umsatz von dem jeder Barbesitzer träumt...und die Reihe wurde dort an einem Abend oder Tag mehrmals gefüllt....VLG Benita