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Harriet Alexandra Thomas

Free Account, Christchurch


A pier.... New Brighton- Christchurch, New Zealand

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  • Jo M 25/02/2005 2:01

    Like it!
    Gruß jo
  • Diego González Sanz 12/02/2005 23:57

    It´s an amazing effect, it seems that the pier goes forward till the horizon as it introduces in the sea. I think that feeling is emphasized through the simmetry and the shadow and the loneliness of the place..
    Well that´s my view.. I haven´t much idea of photography...


  • Jordan Shepler 12/02/2005 22:31

    usually in horizone shots, one is able to get a sense that it all ends at some point.
    I guess because people are standing along the sides randomly.
  • Thomas A.J. Greve 10/02/2005 4:36

    This is a nice photo...good framing and classic...nice job...

    - Thomas