Harriet Alexandra Thomas

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Im 16 and enjoy taking pictures whenever i can. I hope to be a succesful photographer when im older so help, advice and comments are all greatly appreciated :-)

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  • Paul Hinndes 27/07/2005 11:33

    I love your photos, they are beautiful. :-))
  • Lucien A 31/03/2005 15:58

    Hi Harriet, I stumbled upon your pictures and now I now it for sure: New Zealand is a wonderful place! You have the best musicians (Neil Finn, my favorite) and a magnificent landscape (as I can see on your very nice pics)!

    Keep up the good work!
  • Angel Pena 10/02/2005 13:09

    HI !. Thanks for your comments. You have a nice eye, keep posting your work.
  • Sigurd B. 06/02/2005 13:57

    Hello Harriet,

    welcome to this community!
    Always a lot of fun and an intensely exchange of ideas.


  • Harriet Alexandra Thomas 06/02/2005 6:31

    thank you all for the wonderfully welcoming comments! *Hugs all*
  • Anastasya I. 05/02/2005 16:57

    Hello, Herriet:
    I just saw your photos, they are very beautiful and great!
    Welcome here, you portrait look very beautiful! :-)
    Expecting your more great works!

    LG Nicolà
  • JVision 04/02/2005 13:19

    Hi Harriet,
    a warm welcome to the fotocommunity. I hope you have fun here and I'm looking forward to see more of your photos :-)
    Kind reagrds
  • Peter Lawrence 01/02/2005 11:50

    Hi there Harriet, welcome to fotocommunity.
    There are many photographers willing to help you with encouragement and advice on this site.
    So sit back and let the journey begin,
    Peter :-)
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