Physical vaccination or "Mithridatism"

Physical vaccination or "Mithridatism"

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alexander stefanatos

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Physical vaccination or "Mithridatism"

Nepal Katmandu 1981
In a street of Katmandu a local street merchant is selling a pie- or whatever else- cutting the pieces with a knife. In between the trading, while waiting for clients he uses the same knife to clean his feet!...A matter of physical vaccination. Or another way of imposing "Mithridatism" and I ask you how often really we are forced to experience the same method in our everyday life, in so many things, especially by our politicians....

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  • Glenn Capers 30/07/2013 18:30

    O r must long only look good selling produce bu must have that extra ingredient to make his pies extra tasty to have that edge for market. A great documentary I hope you brought your own trail mix.
  • marisa marcellini 13/07/2013 10:25

    In my country we said: what don't kill make you fat!!! But I think you are right about our politicians
  • Sue Thompson 13/07/2013 8:42

    Hygene is fine........just as long as it is not taken to we in the modern [so called] civilised world.
    There is the old saying that we must eat a PECK of dirt before we die........
    1 imperial peck = 1⁄4 of an imperial bushel
    = 2 imperial gallons
    = 8 imperial quarts
    = 16 imperial pints
    = 320 imperial fluid ounces
    = 9.09218 litres
    ≈ 554.839 cubic inches
    ≈ 2.06411 US dry gallons

    1 US peck = 1⁄4 of a US bushel
    = 2 US dry gallons
    = 8 US dry quarts
    = 16 US dry pints
    = 537.605 cubic inches
    = 8.80976754172 litres
    ≈ 1.93788 imperial gallons
    ≈ 310.060 imperial fluid ounces

    Well....... it seems that a PECK is quite a lot :))))))))

    An excellent portrait of this pie vendor........and a good explanation.

  • Adele Oliver 13/07/2013 0:46

    .... and I bet he sells every piece of his pie and his feet are clean at the end of the day - and nobody is the wiser, and everybody has a great immune system :-)))
    a great shot and story telling !!!
    greetings, Adele
  • Janos Gardonyi 13/07/2013 0:43

    I heard once that man has to ingest a certain amount of dirt (filth) to keep his bowels healthy. So this guy is doing us a favour.
    Great shot, Alex. janos