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Free Account, Nijmegen (the Netherlands)

* Monument *

* St.Maartenshofkapel also named as the Barbarossa ruïne nickname for the German emperor Frederik I von Hohenstaufen anno 1150 *
Nijmegen is the oldest city of the Netherlands.

date: 17.10.2004
time: 14:13 P.M

(Olympus C-5050ZOOM)

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  • FERRY TENTUA 17/10/2004 18:31

    *** Hello Sonja, this is what left of a castle, it was build in the Roman century..but i'm not sure if it a castle or a church...but I will find out..you will heard from me:-))
  • Sonja Dietiker-Schmid 17/10/2004 18:08

    I think it was a nice old church in the netherlands.... Is this from the worldwar ago? or from which century?
    greetings from Sonja (Corinnes Mother ;-))