Madame pompadour

Madame pompadour

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Glo Mason

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Madame pompadour

First play with new Canon 5D.
Not really sure if really a portrait.
Im a nail artist, I like to play with 'themes,' dressing the model, making up & creating the nails accordingly ... now Im trying to learn to shoot the ideas too!

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  • Angie Watson 11/09/2006 22:38

    very artistic and creative shot...i as well love the thme
  • Angie Watson 11/09/2006 22:34

    very nice...i really like this theme
  • Massimo Carolla 24/06/2006 14:14

    excellent work and artistic shot, well done, greetings Massimo
  • Füsun Özler 15/05/2006 6:52

    Very nice portait
  • Thomasina Leigh 04/05/2006 21:38

    Another disclaimer: But I like the photo, a lot, but you dont get the attention on the nails, which is what you want.

    I would take a far more drastic crop, just above the lips. Use layers in PS, and first sharpen the lips, and nails. Reduse noise in the rest of the photo, and muck around with saturation, levels etc. This could be a winner, no doubt.
  • MWPhoto 29/04/2006 22:16

    A disclaimer here as well: I know little about photography and less about portraits. Any way:
    You have a difficult challenge due to conflicting goals. That is 1) good portrait and 2) show off the nails.
    The flat light is flattering for the face, eliminating shadows and wrinkles, but it washes out the details in the hands and nails, where a more directional light would be better. I am terrible with lighting, so I can only say good luck, and I look forward to seeing how you accomplish your vision!
  • Robert van der Sanden 29/04/2006 18:16

    Hi Glo, let me start by saying I'm not familiar myself with this type of photography so I can only give you some general thoughts that come to my mind.
    I like the overall feel of the picture. The lighting is warm and soft and there is a good balance in the composition. The color of the cake fits well in the color palette. Also the way you used your DOF works good here; it draws the attention to the hands and the cake.
    Two minor points I would like to mention:
    I would remove a bit from the top of the picture, just below the bigger curls in the hair but leave the finer curls in the pic. Like it is now I find the hair a bit massive to go with the delicate hands and nails.
    The piece of chocolate she holds in the upper hand doesn't separate well from the necklace. Maybe a brown piece would have worked better.
    Very creative shot. I think you succeeded well to add a touch of "lifestyle" to the nails.
  • Karin D. Ludwig 29/04/2006 15:41

    Very creative and artistically Glo! - May I stop by for a nail-do real quick? :-)) - That's gorgeous work also...