Porcelain Doll Of San Marco

Porcelain Doll Of San Marco

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Glo Mason

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Porcelain Doll Of San Marco

This person reminded me of a porcelain doll when taking a rest under a shaded arch in San Marco.

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  • Peter Hildebrand. 27/02/2007 6:22

    this "doll" looks nice taking a rest. I've got other pictures of her for example with a wooden bridge in the background which I will show in some days.
    regards, Peter
  • Ralf Prien 25/02/2007 12:17

    She 'really' looks unreal. Must have been a great experience to be in Venice for the carnival. Wonderful costume, I think a bit more of saturation would not seem out of place here (though I guess this is more what it actually looked like).
    Cool pic!
  • Ursula Kuprat 25/02/2007 2:58

    sie sind schon ein wenig verrückt ..... aber wundervoll
    deine aufnahme gefällt mir
    lg uschi