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long crossing

Tagus River- Lisbon

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  • Antonio Branco Nunes 03/12/2004 0:31

    I still remember the days of departure of the old caravels to India. They used to join under the bridge... it was a long crossing... now the long crossing is only in our minds, the occidental Bush voters... long live the queen (do we have a queen?… or just a playboy prime Santana?.. don’t remember… need to take the medicines…)
  • David Zilk 03/09/2004 22:37

    ah cool! I was there only 6 weeks ago.....Lisbon is great, I like Portugal at all..... nice pic, hope to see more :)
  • João M. C. Januário 03/09/2004 5:08

    the fog is common in winter, but sometimes we can see some mist at dawn along the year.
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 30/08/2004 17:36

    but you dont get the fog there do you??
  • João M. C. Januário 30/08/2004 14:16

    Thanks Elaine,

    and yes it is very similar to Golden Gate Bridge (its structure and color).
    Open in 1966, it was one of the biggest of its kind.
    Recently (1999) it was expanded to accomodate a larger roadway and underneath a railway.

  • Elaine Liebenbaum 29/08/2004 8:56

    Welcom Joao,
    this picture is beautiful. I have never been to Portugal, so at first I thought it was the golden gate bridge.
    Dont you think it looks like it?
    Welcome to fotocommunity.com