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Grey lifes..

city life ... by the train window

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  • Istvan Stefan 11/11/2005 14:42

  • Antonio Branco Nunes 16/04/2005 20:56

    Its always easier to feel the pain than the joy... as if we felt that joy was part of us (it doesn’t) and, like that, not important... or if seeing the others pain could make us less unhappy...
  • Thomas A.J. Greve 22/01/2005 23:55

    I like this... :-) the person walking in darkness is the only one doing something...and she is holding her head up...interesting...

    - thomas
  • Dirk Hofmann 27/12/2004 5:43

    that's good to know ... :-) ... makes you a good guy to me ... ;-)
  • Maria João Arcanjo 27/12/2004 1:45

    @ Dirk -))) I was saying what you said in your comment. I am sure you said nice things because I agreed with you all the time...LOL
  • Dirk Hofmann 26/12/2004 19:33

    Maria João Marques, i hope you're saying something nice ... ;-)))
  • Maria João Arcanjo 22/12/2004 23:00

    João faço minhas as palavras do Dirk Hofmann!
  • Dirk Hofmann 22/12/2004 17:56

    wow ... this one's cool!

    people should try not to think about technical things by watching the photo but more about the depressive expression of the people ...

    if you want to, you can interpret that only a few live in the light (the person top right) and the rest in the shadows ... they are on their own ... but none of them is happy at all ...

    it's an excellent photo to me ... !!!