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Jacqueline Slater

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killer smile

close up of a killer whale taken with milota maxxum slr with 210 zoom lens and high definintion 400 speed film

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  • Jacqueline Slater 11/03/2008 15:31

    thank you for your comment!!no editing was done on the photo but i wished i had after seeing it blown up do to the spots...it was taken at ohio`s sea world but unfortunatly they have closed it down.
  • Bas Wassink 09/03/2008 15:20

    That's a great shot! You can see the eye and the whale seems to be playing with its tongue. Also interesting, since it's swimming into the frame.
    I assume this is a scanned slide. Do you remember at which park and when approximately this photo was taken? I am trying to figure out who the individual is (aside from the stage name Shamu/Namu/Baby Shamu, each whale has its own name ;-)).
    Favourite shot! :D
  • Jacqueline Slater 01/10/2007 16:39

    to be honest i share your desire to see a whale in its natural enviroment but this was taken at sea world.thanks for the nice comment.
  • Nicola Fry 01/10/2007 11:51

    wow very nice is this taken from the ocean or in a park?
    i long to photograph orca in the wild?
  • Jacqueline Slater 01/09/2005 20:48

    yes Andreas a beautiful creature..not quite sure why they even call him a killer....he only kills when hes hungry as we do!
  • Andre Amsel 01/09/2005 11:17

    Oh, but it´s a nice killer :-) .
    Regards, Andreas
  • Jacqueline Slater 25/05/2005 18:13

    thank you so much,john jutta and elizabeth...greetings to all...
  • Elizabeth Dew 25/05/2005 1:12

    I love all whales,just great.
  • JVision 24/05/2005 21:20

    Great captured Jaqueline !
  • John Moore 24/05/2005 20:55

    What a brilliant capture Jacqueline?
    A great shot!!!
  • Jacqueline Slater 24/05/2005 19:27

    thank you for the comment but i have no idea what the object is...i never even spotted till i developed the film
  • Esther Scheelings 24/05/2005 18:22

    Beautifull smile! What's in his left corner of his mouth? (a little orange thing?).
    Greets, Esther