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About me

I have always liked photography.I have a collection of camers..
Yashica Camera 35mm
Yashica Super-600 Electro.
Nikon F50 with 72mm Tamron Lens
JVC DigitalVidio Camera.
Olympus C-770Ultra Zoom
Prior to these I used a Kodak under water with a plastic cover that was a disaster but had lots of fun with it before the salt ate it.I've always been a water person and therefore have an open water ticket.with SCUBA.I am divorced,3 beautiful daughters.Am a registered nurse and work at our local Port Private Hospital. My Super 8s are on vidio now and lots of great memories.My last investment was a
NikonD200 beautiful Camera and still trying to work it out.
In the last 12 months I have outed myself and feel very comfortable about that.I feel this also gives to one's outlook on all walks of life and know it has given me new insight to my life and where it is taking me.
Hopefully to wonderful pictures and paintings.
Thank you for your interest in my photos and happy times ahead for all the fotocommunity friends.
Cheero Beth

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  • Robert Riley 27/09/2005 9:34

    John is a charmer, he's always sending flowers to my Wife! Great person.
  • Sabine Peter 09/07/2005 20:10

    Hallo Elizabeth, nice that I found you just today during my greek/holidays...... will need more time to enjoy all your fotos!
    Greetings from Sabine- Berlin/ Germany
  • Elizabeth Dew 03/07/2005 9:16

    What Ozzie gives a girl flowers!! You are sweet.thank you Elizabeth.
  • John Moore 03/07/2005 3:33

    Hello Elizabeth, well stone the flaming cows!!!
    G'day from W.A.,
    I had no idea you were in Oz.
    I have a fasinating little tale for you!!
    But via another e-mail source.
    I can't welcome you to FC as you have been here almost a year before I was.
    But it is great to meet a local. A liitle wild flower from the outback for you!
    Outback John.
  • Jacqueline Slater 25/05/2005 21:26

    thank you elizabeth for your comment on my photo.i enjoyed yours as well
  • Elizabeth Dew 10/03/2005 8:59

    Thank you for your reply Janie.
  • Janie Sohmer 10/03/2005 1:31

    Thanks for your note about your dad. I'm sure you miss him since it's only been a month. My dad lives 1,000 miles away in Minnesota (I'm in Texas) so I don't see him that often. I viewed your photos - some really great work and lots of heart. I am an amateur but I have a passion for visual communication so I am working at getting better. Look forward to seeimg more of your pictures!
  • Richard Overtoom 08/03/2005 3:20

    G-day Elizabeth,
    thanks so much about the nice comments :-))
    cheers from freezing Switzerland
  • Bea Te 18/02/2005 18:54

    Hello again Elizabeth :-)

    Its nice, that you enjoy my photo :-)
    Thank you very much for comment!
  • Elizabeth Dew 11/02/2005 8:37

    Alex I can't read German please translate to English also I cannot bring up your site
  • Mark Bury 20/12/2004 12:51

    Elizabeth, many thanks for the comment

  • Bea Te 17/12/2004 10:45

    Hello Elizabeth!
    Thank you very much for the comment on my photo

    I was very happy to get a so posiv reaction :-)
  • Wayne Cheveldave 17/12/2004 4:35

    Yes Elizabeth, they are very interesting for sure. this guy i thought was the best of them that dayand there are alot of them that are real good.And those other pic's are there true colors.No filters used. Just a bit of a cloudy day and the cabin one was a neat green that day ,It took me three days just to wait for the right colors to emerge and the light.

  • Wayne Cheveldave 15/12/2004 6:54

    Hi Elizabeth Dew, Thanks for the coment on my picture, I noticed that you were at Buchard Gardens in victoria. Well that picture i took is only 2 hours from there toward Port Alberni.The Colors are spectacular there and i will be taken more pic's from there later.Talk to you later.
  • fleeting memory 02/12/2004 7:53

    Dear Elizabeth,
    Thanks a lot for you nice comment!

    I like your pictures very much and I am a huge OZ-fan!
    My next trip is planned for April 2005 ;-))
    Cheers from Switzerland,
    Claudia :-))
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