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Inn Paw Khone village and its Kayan people

Inn Paw Khone village and its Kayan people

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Inn Paw Khone village and its Kayan people

Stopover in a simple village showing us Kayan people along the way back to our resort.
Many of the Kayan (Padaung) people are living in this village Kayan (Padaung) women, better known as longneck or giraffe women are presenting their selves to tourist for photo shoots.
I don't post photos showing this women who carry the rings around their necks only for a tourist attraction.
The women are proud about their tradition and educate their children to do it too. This is their habit and tradition since a long time, I'd like to support this.
But the big business make unscrupulous money-grubbing local business men and local politicians. Kayan people just get a small part from the money the tourist pay.
And I will not support the business when children, small girls are forced by others to wear the torture rings for only for tourist matter. Children should go to school and learn for a better future.

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