Home of the Mustangs...And Ziggy?

Home of the Mustangs...And Ziggy?

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Ken Piros

Community Manager, Ohio

Home of the Mustangs...And Ziggy?

Strongsville Water tower with the local High School mascot the Mustangs! So why is the cartoon character Ziggy on the water tower? In 1975 one of the football players climbed the water tower and spray painted Ziggy on it. The intention was Ziggy from David Bowie's new album Ziggy Stardust. The local politicians, in their infinite wisdom, thought it meant the cartoon character so they hired the artist of the cartoon to come to Strongsville and paint the character on the water tower hoping this would put an end to the graffiti artists climbing the water tower and placing graffiti on it.

Not as good as Margaret Bourke-White .....but a guy can try can't he ?

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Camera SCH-I545
Lens ---
Aperture 2.2
Exposure time 1/1400
Focus length 4.2 mm
ISO 50

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