he's gone, part 2

he's gone, part 2

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Sanga Oylen

Free Account, Ghana / Berlin

he's gone, part 2

same railway station

he's gone
he's gone
Sanga Oylen

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  • Sanga Oylen 21/09/2004 15:15

    I'm glad you like my photos. as for comments I think in most cases it's a matter of luck if we can raise interest. :-)

    jo & anna & zenobio
    thank you :-)

    me too...
    jo commented my other station photo with the words: "of course he's gone. the're always gone." that's so horrible, but that's life.
    thank you.

  • Zenobio Ks 21/09/2004 9:40

    I like such compositions... !
    Well done.
  • Anna Pagnacco 20/09/2004 16:27

    Excellent composition...graphically very pleasing.Anna
  • Hudson Valley 19/09/2004 19:58

    Thumbs Up!