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Sanga Oylen

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  • Sanga Oylen 21/09/2004 15:20

    thank you for your words. the pipe's in fact a guard-rail and I couldn't drop it without getting too close and losing the lines on the window glas. :-/
  • Dov TS 19/09/2004 22:20

    Hi Sanga

    I like the composition, though I would have given up the pipe at the front (maybe)

    I seldom find the title meaningful, they are mostly either a pure description of what you see, or a pathos of trying to make the photo what it isn't - but you struck a chord with this one.


  • Sanga Oylen 19/09/2004 8:40

    thank you for breaking silence under this photo. :-)
    and much more for making smile with the words "they are always gone!". :-)

    thank you so much for your nice comment. that's really fascinating about photography, to look with the eyes of someone else and see what we probably won't see. :-)

    btw, the story goes on:
    he's gone, part 2
    he's gone, part 2
    Sanga Oylen

    greetz and have a nice sunday!
  • Kriszti Sarközi 19/09/2004 8:21

    Hi Sanga, I like your photos and this one especially. I looked around at them and stoped ower this one.
    In that moment I thought that in the same place I would probably not observe this strange geometry...and I felt admiration you.
  • Hudson Valley 19/09/2004 8:01

    Sanga I like this image. All the lines and shadows.

    Of course he's gone. I have one of these to. I will find it and put it up. They are always gone!
  • Sanga Oylen 19/09/2004 7:09

    strange. this image has almost as many clicks as the vulture but not one word.
    I'm wondering why viewers don't like it. I'd really like to know. so please tell me, what's wrong with the pic?