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Sanga Oylen

Free Account, Ghana / Berlin

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  • Dov TS 19/09/2004 22:16

    A very impressive image.
    The three layers & the composition

    I like to see people watch something.

    Ant the texture of the volture vs. the sky is impressive

    I generally like color better than b&w, but here the B&W certainly works

  • Sanga Oylen 17/09/2004 22:50

    dear jo
    I'm just glowing about your comments. thanks a lot! you know, the section... yes, it was part of the story the photo tells. but no, I didn't t expect anyone would notice it. you made my day. thanks again. :-)
  • Hudson Valley 17/09/2004 19:59

    Just noticed....he is still life!
  • Hudson Valley 17/09/2004 19:59

    This is one heck of an image! I doubt anyone has anything similar in their portfolio. Keep breaking those boundaries!
  • Sanga Oylen 17/09/2004 17:44

    thank you for your nice comment. and I'm glad you figured out the people, too. :-)

    thank you, I'm glad you like it. :-)
  • Zenobio Ks 17/09/2004 10:29

    Great. The darkness, the clouds and the vulture...
  • Dirk Hofmann 16/09/2004 19:36

    very impressive ... good work ... it took me a while to realize the people in the lower part of the photo, but that might depend on the impressive bird and sky ... :-)

    well done!