Global Warming

Global Warming

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Glenn Capers

Premium (World), New York City

Global Warming

I don't know what the rest of te world sees on the news about the melting of ice. Some say the oceans could rise over 275 feet if the green house gasses get completely out of control.

Mans weakness for fossil rule is not helping to reverse the dire conditions. We are already seeing weather conditions we have not experienced from super cells cause by the environmental changes which continue to make life dangerous.

The shot was made from Statan Island at one of the old dead ferry docks where they let old ferry boats rot and return back to the the bay.

the foreground of the rotting ferry boat was made with a 90mm Schneider lens with my Tayo 4x5 fiedl camera. The Statues was made with my Nikon1V1 with the ftp adapter with a 70-200mm f 2.8 zoom lens. this ramped the image up to 540mm. Last was the sy down the block from me. A funnel cloud was in the making then failed. the winds cranked up to 75 mph for a about 15 minutes. Last was the task of lawyering

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