The Darling of Naples

The Darling of Naples

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Glenn Capers

Premium (World), New York City

The Darling of Naples

In search of classic Naples can lead you into moments beyond the classics. She had a proposal you didn't want to know about while the other women played cards.

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  • Paul Hodosi 09/09/2013 20:32

    Beautiful snapshot, great saw and photographed.
    With the best wishes
  • MissNeugier 12/08/2013 17:46

    I like it, because it's just in time and during a normal day in a womans life ;-)
  • Prost Marlies 12/08/2013 16:49

    LG Marlies
  • BRYAN CRUTE 12/08/2013 11:48

    Not a woman to cross i think ? Excellent portrait work

  • s. sabine krause 12/08/2013 9:44

    images in my head… after reading your little caption i can't helb but see "the darling of naples" as a euphemistic name referring to a mythical man-eating monster forever linked to the history of naples… ; ))) the smile in her eyes, however, suggests mischief… greetings, sabine.
  • Adele Oliver 12/08/2013 5:45

    Rough and Ready .... what a character .... great your portrait !!!
    cheers, Adele
  • Camelmilk 12/08/2013 1:00

    Great photo. Just reality and what she has to offer...)). I like much this porträt. Regards xx Monika
  • Howard Mattix 12/08/2013 0:13

    Glen, you run into some interesting people but she goes way beyond that. I' would have turned and ran faster then the wind at her proposal. She looks a bit course and crude.