Gary Thaxton

Premium (Basic), Saxapahaw, North Carolina


The image was created from a digital scan of a 5 x 7 inch BW negative to a photographic 2.2 gamma tiff, and then edited using Mac Pro and Photoshop. The file was then converted to RGB for inkjet printing.

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  • Matthias Moritz 21/08/2020 10:02

    Monochrome Fine Art!
  • Hajö - 20/08/2020 13:21

    The Black-and-white version is very good for this flower. I like it.
    • Gary Thaxton 20/08/2020 21:36

      Thank You again  Hajö2.
    • Hajö - 21/08/2020 11:59

      Thanks for your answer.

      It is funny that you use "Hajö2" instead of "Hajö" ;-) The user name "Hajö" was already used so I had to use something alternative and just added a number. I will change that soon and take something alternative. As a native speaker of English (as US citizen) you have probably never heard real German names like I have difficulties with Spanish names which are more popular in the US because of the Hispanics. By the way "Hajö" is only an abbreviation. But my longer "real" first name is even a bit more difficult for native Englisch speaker. And the character "ö" is always a hassle for native English speaker. But during my time in Russia it was even more difficult. The Russian language lacks three out of the eight characters of my real first name. I couldn't recognise my own name any more when spelled with Russian characters. They don't have the "H" and the "ö" and the "j".
      Best regards and greeting to North Carolina