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Enrique Carstens

Free Account, Mexico City

Glacier II

More of the glaciers south of Chile, I was impressed by the colours

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  • Enrique Carstens 21/01/2005 5:51

    I agree with you! But this thing was really BIG. About 3 miles long and over 200 feet high. I choose the color details.
    Next week I will post another photo with sense of scale.

  • Bruce L. Bloy 20/01/2005 22:21

    A very nice exposure, but you need something to give the viewer a sense of scale. (Is the crevice 5 feet wide or 20 feet wide?)

    But a nice exposure in a difficult situation.

  • Matthew Pipes 19/01/2005 4:10

    awesome foto. I too love the colors. keep it up man.