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Enrique Carstens

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Uxmal God

In one of the pyramids is this God with a very long and curve nose!

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  • Enrique Carstens 28/02/2006 0:21

    I have found two things: One, that about 13,000 years ago there were mastodons in America.
    Second: The mayan god Chac, represented in this photo, is described as having protruding fangs, large round eyes, and a proboscis-like nose. Hope this helps. Regards
  • Maxim Van den Bossche 27/02/2006 21:53

    interestign detail photo

    i remember seeing on tv that in some piramids or temples were faces of elephants curved out..
    how can this be when there are none in s-america?

    hope you can help me further enrique
  • Enrique Carstens 30/09/2005 23:34

    > Thank you very much for your comment!
    These pyramids are in Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula, about 60 Km from the state capital Merida.
  • Kenny Jazz 30/09/2005 23:11

    Fantastic detail - very original for me. May be because this stone blocks and details looks like the one from my city. Soft and good for plastic forms.
    Is it some place in Mexiko where is situated famous pyramids ?