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I became fascinated with photography in the 60's as a kid, got turned on to 35mm by the movie "Blow-up" and did a fair amount of B&W in college when I had access to a darkroom.

After college the era of family and jobs took over and I degenerated to a series of point and shoot cameras and the resulting boring pictures.

In 2000 I spent three weeks in Africa with a borrowed Canon and a telephoto. I was rehooked.

Currently I'm working with a Nikon D50 and a Nikon N50 film camera.

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  • Patrick Blondeel 20/02/2006 18:29

    Thank you Bruce, I change the pic.its better.
    Do you know how to change it, without losing the comments?
  • Stefan Mayr 09/11/2005 17:24

    Thank you
  • thoso 09/11/2005 15:33

    hi bruce
    nice photos, and you live in philly! I was there in 1995 as a physician when I did training in the us....
    regards thomas
  • Dirk Fichter 07/11/2005 23:32

    Hy Bruce,

    thanx for your comment to

    yes, the strike of the color against the corals was the reason, I uploaded this picture. Truely, the sharpness is on the coral, but i think the "overall" of the pic takes part.

    Best regards
  • Senem G 03/11/2005 23:48

    Hi BRuCe... ThaNks for youR ComeNt.. beLieve in its pReCiouS...
  • Esti Eini 03/11/2005 13:51

    Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Bird of Paradise before sunset
    Bird of Paradise before sunset
    Esti Eini

    I also remember the film "Blow up". The excitement in the dark room when the camera captured things the eye didn't notice (murder in that case). Really unforgettable.
    I like your photos very much. Amazing captures.
  • Mastro Photography and Photodesign 31/10/2005 7:25

    Hi Bruce,
    thanks for your comment ! Best wishes from Frankfurt to Phili.
  • JVision 04/02/2005 18:09

    Thanks a lot for your kind comments on my pictures Bruce :-)
    I was surprised when I was reading your comment on this photo what I showed in the "de" and I am courious now I you talk german because you understand the german members comments.
  • Josep A. Collado 23/01/2005 15:53

    Thanks , Bruce, for your comment. I hope that it will
    not be the last one.
    Josep Antoni
    L'Espera - The Wait
    L'Espera - The Wait
    Josep A. Collado

  • Enrique Carstens 21/01/2005 5:53

    Hi Bruce!!
    Thank you for your comment on my picture Glacier II. I will post more next week
    Best regards
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 25/12/2004 20:14

    Hi Bruce,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. Really enjoy looking at your pictures. Hope you have fun here.
    see you
    and merry christmas
  • Donna Vitkauskas 15/12/2004 19:49

    Hi Bruce,
    Welcome to fotocommunity! Have fun, the people are great.
    Happy Holiday's!
    Tub time Santa's
    Tub time Santa's
    Donna Vitkauskas
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