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It took me about a year to prepare the expedition to the Himalayas in search for the elusive snow leopard, the holy grail for photographers amongst cats. The road leading to the home of these cats was unexpectedly difficult with avalanches and shooting stones. After 3 days we arrived at destination. I was rewarded with 6 different sightings during my fortnight stay. Met great people sharing these wonderful experiences. Image shows a mother with her 2 cubs.


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  • Robert Goppelt 06/04/2021 14:42

    For such a wonderful picture, the hardships are worth it. You are writing something true, Holy Grail for Wildlife Photographers!
    Congratulations on this picture.

    LG Robert
    • Regis Eye On Nature 06/04/2021 15:13

      Hallo Robert , if I could do it this year , without any doubt ,and I suppose with me many others will do , it is always a privilege being in nature , surrounded bye the whisper of the wind and noises animals make ,  thanks for the comment  BR Regi


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Camera Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
Lens EF600mm f/4L IS II USM +1.4x III
Aperture 10
Exposure time 1/500
Focus length 840.0 mm
ISO 3200

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