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French Café chairs waiting for the summer

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  • Boris B. Voglar 18/03/2005 18:31

    Cool shot. It reminds me on Henri-Carrtier Bresson.

    Very classical.
  • Hector Hevia 18/03/2005 15:47

    Great work of composition....the lines of tables....
    I love the B&W photos....
  • Gilles Schwartz 14/03/2005 9:12

    thank you for all the comments, yes Jutta as soon as the sun comes out, the café becomes crowed and the chair busy, may be very soon ;-), I know what you mean Paul, that exactly the way I took these pictures...thx Irina & Josep too ...
  • Josep A. Collado 14/03/2005 1:36

    perfect combination of image and title. I like it a lot.
  • Irina No 13/03/2005 21:16

  • JVision 13/03/2005 19:59

    Very nice picture. Now all chairs are empty but I am sure as soon as it gets warm enough a lot of people will enjoy there.