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I was born on 18 th of february 1971 in Ptuj. Interest for photography is with me since early childhood. My father liked photography, and taked photos as well. Every time when we with my parents went to holidays, or on trips somewhere, we take pictures of ourselves, or the places that we have visited. There are also a lot of photographs of ourselfs with brother by different periodes of time in home archive. I became my first photocamera when I was 13 years old. Since then is takin' photos one of my favourest hobbys, or I can even say: it became more than that. It's some kind of obssession. In last 4 or 5 years became photography more seriously for me. The study of sociology of mediums on Philosophic faculty in Ljubljana has driven me to deeper study of the history of photography, techniques, different uses of photography, and also to my first group and solo exhibitions. Till now I have been exhibited mostly in my hometown and in Maribor, Kranj, Mulbourne... Theoretical work of Susan Sonntag, Roland Barthes, Walter Benjamin, Janez Strehovec and others has brought me to a new level of uderstanding of this visual medium. For me the photography is one of the tools of self expression, and nice thing for knowing people and make worldwide conections. It's also a medium for expression of my views on the world as such, my inner self, emotions, thoughs, points of view, and look upon people and society that surrounds me. philosophy of photography is in some sense similar to great master Henri-Cartier Bresson and his 'decisive moment'. I like to photograph concerts the most, but it is very hard to get good results in darken and crowdy places. The experimentation in visual expression has brought me to abstract posibilities of photography and to photography of arhitecture. In the future I would like to learn more about this beautiful piece of art, I also wish to publish more of my photos and articles. I would like to graduate on department for pedagogy of Philosophic Faculty on University in Ljubljana on theme: 'Photography and free time education'. Exhibitions follows:

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  • Darinka Mladenovic 01/01/2009 13:50

    Tebi in Tvojim zelim Srecno zdravo in uspesno Novo leto. Darinka
  • Charles Betz 18/02/2008 18:14

    Hi Boris, I love your B&W shots, keep it up!
  • CsomorLászló 11/04/2007 18:10

    Thank you for your nice comment!
  • Martina Plos 21/01/2007 9:00

    Ti si res zanimiva oseba! Tvoje slike mi so zelo všeč (več jih sem našla na devianart...) Upam, da bom tudi tukaj spet videla zanimive in lepe!
    Lp Martina
  • dieNamenlose 27/01/2006 20:34

    Nice greetings from a country-neighbour from Croatia! I´d love to c more pictures from u! Bye, Klaudia
  • Sergio Pessolano 10/01/2006 21:15

    Hi Boris,
    Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "Devil's Fingers". I really enjoy your comment.
  • Peter Kis kalóz 06/01/2006 4:24

    Thank you Boris!:) Best wishes
  • Boris B. Voglar 20/03/2005 2:28

    Thanks Dirk. I'm glad that I can find a lot of excellent photos of photographers from all over the world. The welcome gesture of yours is realy kind.

    Thanks Marlene to you too.
  • Liz M 20/03/2005 2:26

    Hi Boris
    I Think that all of yuor photos are awesome, They are really interesting and it shows that you have a great eye for photography.
    Well done, Liz.
  • Dirk Hofmann 09/03/2005 8:06

    hi boris!

    your first uploads here are very impressive and i'm quite sure that this is the right place for you: you'll find a bunch of people to discuss your hobby with, you can trade experiences and find new impressions or ideas ...
    hope you'll have the fun around here that i have since i became a member ... :-)

    will keep an eye on you ...

    best wishes from el paso, tx

  • Boris B. Voglar 08/03/2005 23:15

    Thanks Louisa for your kind welcome gesture. I'm allready feeling fine in fotocommunity company and enjoy photos of others very much as well.
    Thanks for your regards. I hope I will not disapoint you with my further work.

    have a nice time
  • Louisa Schlepper 08/03/2005 0:46

    He boris! welcome to the fotocommuniy!
    I really like your photos, they are great!
    Hope you enjoy the fc as much as I do..
  • Boris B. Voglar 06/03/2005 23:43

    Thanks Paul, I wish that many people will be satisfied with my photos as well.
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