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Chesapeake Bay Bridge - No.5

Chesapeake Bay Bridge - No.5

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Chesapeake Bay Bridge - No.5

Seen from the western shore of the bay, the twin spans of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge connect the Maryland counties of Anne Arundel on the western shore and Queen Anne's on the mainly agricultural eastern shore, also known for its broad expanses of Atlantic Ocean beaches.

The initial journey from the Western Shore is close to the water, but the mid-bay suspension
spans soar 186 feet (56.7 m), to allow the passage of ocean-going vessels and tall ships.

This tele-compressed view, from a breakwater south of the bridges, is from a film image.

The breakwater is popular with seabirds; and at the right can be seen a lookout
for avian "traffic reporters" keeping an eye out for tie-ups on the two busy spans ;-)

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