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Tom McAlexander

Free Account, Volcano, HI


This is Arnie, our precious old one-horned water buffalo in the zoo at Hilo. He's one of our favorites. He'll usually come over, when called, to get his head rubbed.

Arnie represents how I am feeling now...old! Got home yesterday after a 4 1/2-week hospital stay. The surgery went wonderfully...got all that little rascal...but the recovery took a while so my re-aligned insides could figure out exactly what to do. At least the doctors didn't send me home before my body was ready.

It was great to sleep on my own bed, and I can already feel my strength returning.

Mahalo for all your messages of healing and cheer.

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  • Maria João Arcanjo 22/12/2009 23:33

    Beautiful tame animal.Excellent phot.
    Thanks for the explanation.
  • Ralf Zeeh 01/02/2009 17:45

    Excellent picture.
    Ralf Zeeh
  • Michel Lamarche 03/01/2009 15:14

    Dear Tom, I hope you are getting better. Your presence is missing in FC. I wish you a wonderful year 2009, with HEALTH, peace, love and happiness.
    Take care,
    Your friend from Quebec,
  • Vesela Maleeva 28/12/2008 20:04

    Dear Tom,
    I hope you have been doing well.
    Awhile ago I read on Sue's site optimistic news.
    Just wanted to say we miss you at FC.
    And wish you a healthy New Year and get well.
    We are all with you.

  • vickyrts 08/10/2008 18:05

  • DRAGA PUC 27/09/2008 20:23

    welcome back Tom.It's good to have you back. Wish you all the best!
  • Alfred Spectrum 17/09/2008 3:09

    Great to hear some news and wonderful to read you feel
    your strength returning.
    Relax and recover, then let us have your pretty pictures
    again when you feel up to it.
    Be well,
  • Pascal Viyer 14/09/2008 20:07

    Excellent news!
    toute mon amitié, Tom
  • Marlis E. 13/09/2008 15:56

    Welcome back my friend!! Good to see you again! Great to hear all went well! Take care and plenty of rest...
    Aloha, Marlis
    Hoffnung für André
    Hoffnung für André
    Marlis E.
  • Claire Laira 12/09/2008 13:46

    Good to see you back...and I wish you the strength of this water buffalo!
    Best wishes, Claire
  • Dennis Maloney 11/09/2008 21:23

    I am so happy to see you back and thanks for the update, tried to call your niece to find out if she might know anything, but could not get an answer at that number.......you have a lot of friends and we all have been praying for you........Great to have ya back, den

    ps. love the image of 'ol Arnie, too...
  • Fons van Swaal 10/09/2008 19:42

    I'm glad to hear you doing Ok ....
    Work on your recovery and be soon out of your bed and enjoy the things you like to do most...
    Best wishes Fons
  • archiek 10/09/2008 14:55

    Glad to hear that you are back home and on the road to being healthy again. Good shot of this water buffalo and you'll be strong as an ox in no time. -archie
  • Inez Correia Marques 10/09/2008 13:18

    so good to see you again my friend. it is moving your photo and the feelings it represents. he is a wonderful animal and you are a precious friend . like Bryan says,.. many good tunes are played in old fiddles,so do not worry Tom. and by the way when you are strong enought tell Arnie he is loved too .

  • CsomorLászló 10/09/2008 12:01