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Namaste Poster

Namaste Poster

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Tom McAlexander

Free Account, Volcano, HI

Namaste Poster

This is our wonderfully spoiled white tiger, Namaste, at the zoo in Hilo, posterized with the default setting on PS.

I have been reprimanded by my good friend Marco (Alfred) for not uploading and telling you what's happening. So here goes. . . .

I began taking chemotherapy last October, mainly because statistics show a much better survival rate with it than without it. I get the 'cocktail' on Wednesdays for three weeks, take a week off, then begin another three-week cycle. It saps a lot of my energy, especially for the first three or four days, then just when I start feeling my strength returning, it starts all over again. During this period I haven't been interested in doing much except reading. The good news is that next Wednesday is my last!!! session. I still have to deal with my prostate cancer, but the radiation therapy won't start for a month or so, although I have already begun (from last July) hormone shots which brought my PSA down dramatically. By autumn I should be back to 'normal.'

I took an additional week off in January to go to New York with my chorus. This time we sang at Lincoln Center. We'll go back next year (probably in May) to sing Karl Orff's Carmina Burana at Carnegie Hall. I got to spend some quality time with Marco while in New York. That was one of the big highlights for me.

On a sad note, Arnie has died. He was 44 years old, pretty old for a water buffalo. He spent his retirement years in a nice home where he was loved by many. We miss him.

Tom McAlexander

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  • DRAGA PUC 05/04/2010 23:01

    great news Tom, I am glad for you.
    wish you all the best
  • Peter Iden 01/01/2010 20:29

    Tom, it was very kind of you to spend the day with Ollie
    and myself at Imiloa and the Hilo Zoo. We thoroughly
    enjoyed it!. Looking back, we still missed a few places
    on the Big Island and the others, so I am certain we will
    return. We hope to find you then still well and enjoying
    your "hobby" as a Conductor and specifically, don't forget
    about photography. It's another very worthwhile hobby!
    Best regards, Peter & Ollie, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
    Feral Goat
    Feral Goat
    Peter Iden
  • Marlis E. 28/04/2009 9:39

    so glad to hear from you such good news. Hopefully the treatment works well for you!
    This picture is abstract, something new for to look...!
    Have a great time, good luck
    Best wishes, Marlis
  • Michael Henderson 08/04/2009 15:03

    I hope all is well with you, let us know how your doing.

    Best wishes.
  • Theo Weijmer 29/03/2009 22:14

    Hey Tom great to hear some news, good news from you, I'm glad it's going well, at least under the circumstances, hope you will soon recover fully, till then I wish you a lot of strength!!!

    Greetings Theo
  • Christiane Wüllner 29/03/2009 8:35

    Good news!!!!!! I hope it will continue!!!!
    You are a strong fighter! Continue with that!!
    :-)) Christiane