Kilauea Update 1

Kilauea Update 1

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Tom McAlexander

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Kilauea Update 1

This morning before sun up Kilauea burped again, sending out sprinklings of small lava rocks, but more interestingly to us, she started spewing out ash along with the other volcanic gases. SO2 is being emitted at the rate of up to 5000 tons per day (yes, you read it correctly). We're alright as long as we have trade winds (winds from the ENE), but if the wind shifts to Kona (westerly) winds, the plume will blow directly over our village, perhaps resulting in evacuations.

Kilauea 6
Kilauea 6
Tom McAlexander
Kilauea 7
Kilauea 7
Tom McAlexander

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  • Anca Silvia B. 03/07/2008 17:32

    How are you Tom?
    I miss you.
    All the best,Anca
  • Saska S. 29/06/2008 19:21

    Great picture and interesting!
  • Marlis E. 27/06/2008 9:30

    Hi Tom, how are you and your familiy? Long time no see....are you allright? Take care....Greetings from far away, Marlis
  • DRAGA PUC 26/04/2008 21:10

  • Andrej Nagode 07/04/2008 14:00

    Great documenty picture and take care, Tom!
    Best wishes,
  • BRYAN CRUTE 25/03/2008 20:14

    You take good care over there Tom, never seen anything like this before !

  • Canan Oner 25/03/2008 11:48

    I am praying for you Tom !!!! Keep safe..
    Much love,
  • JVision 25/03/2008 7:43

    Oh my god this look's very dangerous. I hope you and your family are safe !!
  • Michel Lamarche 25/03/2008 4:01

    I agree with Dennis on that. Do take care Tom and stay safe. Hope it's only a little burp and nothing more. Best regards,
  • Dennis Maloney 25/03/2008 2:10

    OH!!! dear friend Tom, you and your family need to come to Arkansas until this is over, you may get your feet wet with all the flooding, but no lava or gas here.....DO TAKE CARE Tom.....will pray for your safety and trade winds to be favorable......thanks for the heads-up on wishes, den