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My interest in photography dates back to my early childhood when Dad blindfolded the windows to set up his darkroom. As by magic pictures appeared out of nothing on sheets of paper, in the faint light of a green bulb. I still remember those fascinating moments as if it were yesterday.

In 1980 I bought my 35mm analog SLR, Canon AV-1, and have been taking pictures ever since. Since a couple of years I got into fine art photography, inspired by someone who is very dear to me. Take pictures not just for myself, to stow away in a dusty album, but pictures worth sharing with the world. For me fotocommunity is a place where I hope to find guideance and inspiration and feedback on my work to help me improve my skills, like I will try to help others where I can.

What is my style? I'm not sure, guess I still have to find out. Pure, sometimes abstract, mainly elements in landscapes that reflect a certain mood or atmosphere. Captured in a way just beyond the ordinary. If I succeeded? That's exactly what I like to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to tell me what you think...

My Canon AV-1 (35mm analog SLR) and the fully manual Canon F1n have been my favorite workhorse for 30 years, together with a small set of lenses and some filters. My film of choice is Kodak Portra, for its natural color tones.
Currently I use a digital rangefinder camera, the Leica M9, for most of my photography.



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  • Maria Kyselicova 01/01/2008 14:19

    I wish you a very happy New Year!

  • Peter FM 17/06/2007 16:13

    Thanks for your comment, Robert. I like the diversity of your photo portfolio. Regards, Peter FM
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 29/05/2007 22:44

    well hi! not sure how it happened that i haven't looked at all your work yet, but just had a glance...some fantastic stuff, gotta say! i'll sure be back for a closer look, gotta run now though... : )) looking forward to it!
    sarah k

  • Maria Mylona 23/11/2006 10:43

    Hi Robert,

    thanks for the comment on my pic.

    Best regards,

  • Yadran Saavedra 25/08/2006 16:27

    you are an amazing photographer! good shots, colors are superb! composition is beautiful!

  • John Bennett 21/08/2006 18:52

    Hi Robert, Thanks for your observations and it's good to be back.
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 15/06/2006 19:35

    All things were happened in the members-only channel, the reason why I left.
    I am furious about this.
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 15/06/2006 9:55

    I think the foreground (nearest grassfield a little bit too bright) likely to be the reason why we see that the foreground doesn't help that much as expected compared to the previous work.
    Thank you, a very useful suggestion and criticism!
  • Timm Pieper 10/06/2006 16:39

    Hi Robert!

    Thank you for your entry in the forum!

    It seems you stay with the analogue cameras! Personally, I would really like to make the experience to develop my own analogue pictures. But I started to become interested in photography only after I got a digital camera. It is just so much easier to try different settings and see the results immediately (and to keep track of which pictures where taken with which settings). Unfortunately I have also only made bad experiences with scanning of photos, both when doing it myself and when ordering a CD together with film development...

    I also had a look onto your pictures. There pinhole experiments are great. I will post a seperate comment there...

    I really like "Look into the future" as well. Just the creepy moment, the boy looking at the wall of skulls. Death against young life... Would be interesting to know his thoughts - but perhaps better to have your own...

    Best regards, Timm
  • Jpablo BA 26/05/2006 19:48

    Beautiful photos, i love it, you got a lot of talent!
    regards from Mexico!
  • Beatriz B.B. 22/05/2006 22:29

    Hello Robert, thank you very much for your
    helpful explanation :) I really appreciate....and
    I like your works...a lot :)
    rgds, Beatriz
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 13/05/2006 15:34

    Hi Robert thanks so much for your support!
    Take care and have a good weekend
    Best regards Anastasia
  • Olivier Vanbiervliet 01/05/2006 7:48

    Robert, thank you for your nice comments on
    The O Tree
    The O Tree
    Olivier Vanbiervliet
    and suggestion to crop differently. I'm not sure if you saw the alternative version with a different crop
    The O Tree (Alternate)
    The O Tree (Alternate)
    Olivier Vanbiervliet
    Your "Trees Up" photo is great, and like you, I was not so sure about the subject...some people can't see the beauty of a well-shaped tree, but we seem to enjoy some similar subjects :)
    Thanks again!
  • Mark Page 20/04/2006 13:05

    Thanks for your really constructive comments Robert.
  • Diana Davidson 24/03/2006 22:41

    thanks for the comment... I know Bill Armstrong... love his stuff.
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