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Uncel Photomanhattan

Photography Class as gift

hi, i am a new comer in this photography field, so i would like to know type of film suitable for event.

like an example:

when i use slide (fuji velvia 50) in daylight i found it is extraordinary good, the colour is full fill and more deeper than the ordinary flim (fuji 100 or fuji 200), but when i use the slide for indoor with built in flash the result is not same when is in outdoor. why is that happened??

and there is many slide around the market, like fuji provia 100, fuji sensia, kodak chrome, and can any one actually tell me the advantage of each flim, which flim is the best for certain event.

and also can introduce some web site that have this kind of comparison for the flim.

please do post this message to the web base because i think everyone would like to know....
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Uncel Photomanhattan

Ever wondered what elements make a good photograph?

To all of you who put your camera on automatic all the time!: Learn to craft the image you want instead of what the camera's programmers want. Each short session will consist of an introduction to the use of the manual controls on cameras, covering use of aperture, shutter speed and the camera's light meter.
Thursday December 2: 7-9pm
Bring your camera!

Ever wondered what elements make a good photograph?
Through image analysis, participants will be taught the basic image design techniques.
Thursday December 9: 7-9pm
Bring your pictures!! (Optional)

Looking to photograph people? This interactive photo shoot workshop will introduce you to the basic lighting and composition techniques for B&W portraits.
Thursday December 16: 7-9pm
Bring your camera and a 3200 ISO film!
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