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Rerolling 120 onto 620 spools and vintage cameras

Anyone out there shooting with vintage Brownie cameras? I have several mint models and have just acquired a couple more that I would like to try. I started a collection in my teens of all of the models and have just started up again. I'm piecing together a black and white dark room after 20 some years since I last smelled chemicals and turned on that red light. The last time I shot fresh film was still out on the market. I found out that Kodak discontinued 620 and 116 film back in the mid 80s. Is there anyone out there shooting and rerolling 120 onto the 620 spool? I did happen to find a supplier that shaves down modern 120, which really is exciting since I wasn't looking forward to having to black bag hand roll my own. The company also sells custom cut sheet film emulsions and pre-WWII developing chemical formulations. I have several pre- 1900 cameras, so that really thrills me.

A very cool Brownie link:

I figure there has to a photographic anachronist out there with more recent experience. Any pointers folks?
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