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Una Hennessy

Digital or Analog?

To Don Satalic regarding how easy it is to keep filmnegatives for a long time and how difficult this is with digital:

Correct! Correct! Correct!

I was doing a backup from older harddisks and it took me over two weeks to complete that job. And that's just photo's from 2003 - 2008.

Older pictures I made as a pro photographer are still filmnegatives thank god. But the familystuf I shot digitally from 1997 to 2002 are still on CD's...hope they are alright.

At some point I will have backup them as well...not a pleasant task as there must be a at least a thousand of them little disks :-(

The main problem with digital is: you shoot far more images, thus creating a huge problem regarding their long term storage.

Nowadays I save everything to DVD (at least 4 or 5 DVD's per wedding and 1 or two for a portrait session) as well as to two external harddisks.

I have to buy 2 TB harddisks every year now!!! I'm practically swamped with these things.

Keeping hundreds of thousands of digital images backed up correctly is far from easy, as I found out the hard way.

I started going 100% digital in 2003 and now I'm rethinking my earlier choice. One of the reasons being that I have to rely on a computer 100% of the time and with the numbers involved in my case, that's not a pretty picture. I'm actually quite fed up with it after 8 years.

At the moment I have done a few tests with digital alongside analog and the results are promising...for film.

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Felicitas Willems

Platinum Printing Chemical Supplies in Germany

For ready made products the two that are mentioned above are the best suppliers available. Very reliable, quick and with some broad offer of nearly everything.

If you want to mix your alternative developers and toners your self, go and see the local chemist (Apotheke).
They may ask questions what you are suffering from and what you intend to cure with it :-) but usually they can provide everything legal in small volumes.

If you are lucky enough to have a real drug store (Drogerie) close by then try them. Do not even think of trying one of the major drugstore chains (DM, Rossmann, Schlecker, ...). I mean one of the privatly driven old style drugstores which are dying out everywhere.
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Bora ömerogullari

what is your favourite film ?

Ilford 100 (120mm), gorgeous.
24.08.10, 01:54
Ilford 100 (120mm), gorgeous.
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Dark Rooms in Holland???

Please be my friend.
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