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One of the youngest states of the Indian Union, Goa attained statehood after 451 years of colonial rule and 26 years as Union territory. Its history dates back to the 3rd century when it belonged to the Mauryas, followed by the rule of the Satvahanas, Chalukyas and then the Shilharas and Kadambas. In 1312, Goa fell into the hands of the Muslims when Harihara of the Vijayanagar Empire evacuated the coastal area. The Muslim rule ended when the Portuguese took over in 1510. During the Napoleonic wars, Britishers had a brief occupation of Goa but Portuequese wrested it back.

When India attained Independence in 1947, tremendous pressure was exerted on the Portuguese to hand over Goa, Daman and Diu. The Portuequese remained adamant. In mid-1954, Goan nationalists seized the Portuguese enclaves of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and established a pro-Indian administration. Another crisis occurred in 1955 when satyagrahis from India attempted to penetrate the territory of Goa. At first the satyagrahis were deported; but later, when large numbers attempted to cross the borders, the Portuguese authorities resorted to force, and casualties were inflicted.
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