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Hi there! My name is Yanni, I'm from Boston, but I've lived all over the world and wherever I went I had my camera with me always! Besides photography I like Formula One and support Kimi Räikkönen! I also enjoy learning new languages and visiting exotic places. I hope you will all enjoy my work!

A thought to remember: "Photography" is derived from Greek and means, literally, “light writing” or writing with light. I think Greeks invented everything :)

Oh yeah, I can also speak Chinese.

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  • R. Zweiacher 12/06/2009 21:21

    . . . thanks Yannis . . . !

  • mmpichai 03/02/2009 21:15

    thanks 4 ur comment
  • CsomorLászló 15/01/2009 14:35

    Thank's a lot for your kind comment Yanni!
  • Line Martinsen 29/09/2008 11:46

    Thanks so much for your comment and adding to favorite :-)

    Line :-)
  • Fons van Swaal 26/09/2008 16:42

    Thanks a lot Jannis for the comment....;-)))
  • Yiannis Logiotatides 25/09/2008 11:27

    Hi Yannis

    I like to thank you about your time to visiting my gallery and for your kind comment.

    Yiannis L

  • Natalia VS 24/09/2008 23:28

    lol! :) Greeks really invented everything..! the best invention is frappe :)))) the rest comes behind)
  • Giorgos Fidanas 24/09/2008 10:23

    Na sai kala Yianni.
    Efxaristo poly.
  • Kei Kawa 23/07/2008 8:09

    Thank you for your comment on my photo.
    Lotus flower 1
    Lotus flower 1
    Kei Kawa
    Now, it is a climax season of lotus flower in Japan.
    Best wishes
  • Giorgos Fidanas 22/03/2008 19:13

    Na se kala file Yanni...:-)

  • Kurt Salzmann 09/01/2008 17:44

    Herzlich willkommen in der Fotocommunity. Ich wünsche dir viel Spass beim Mitmachen.
    Unter: http://www.salzmaenner.ch/fc/fc-ch/fc-schweiz.html pflege ich eine Zusammenfassung aktueller Aktivitäten (Stammtische, Usertreffen, Veranstaltungen, und Ausstellungen) der Fotocommunity in der Schweiz. Viele Grüsse, Kurt
  • Maria Mylona 07/01/2008 11:55

    Hi Yanni,

    thanks a lot for your comment on my pic!
    Best wishes for a Happy New Year.
  • Sherief 29/12/2007 0:26

    Thanx for the comment, I feel great to meet nice ppl here on FC..
  • Perry Blevins 28/12/2007 14:04

    Thank you for your nice comment on

    Have a Happy New Year.
    Best wishes, Perry
  • Katarina A 28/12/2007 9:34

    Thank you Yanni.
    Happy new year ! Katarina
    Morning stillness
    Morning stillness
    Katarina A
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