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An architect and academic staff by profession, currently a visiting assistant professor in a US University, and by June 2008, I will be back to my home country “Egypt”…
I would seriously consider bridging gabs between office and public preference and mainly among different cultures by researching, exploring, and writing about people's emotional, social, political, environmental, and scientific concerns. With, I've added a new interest that never used to be a special one of mine: PHOTOGRAPHY. I accidentally found the website while browsing the internet, and ever since have become addicted to it :)
I am particularly interested in hearing of and from people's minds all over the world; my dream is touring the entire Globe, meeting with different people, and identifying their taste, diversified culture and unique thinking styles...
Here I could find a very distinguished community with which I aim to build positive communication and learn from their experience and enjoy the soul dialogue with amazing, creative, talented, and intelligent photographers from everywhere.

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  • Ray Closson 14/01/2008 23:14

    Thanks for the comment on my Ugly Duckling on Ice Sherief, which US university are you currently at?

  • Robert L. Roux 13/01/2008 1:32

    thanks sherief
    with my older cameras
    the iso was always automatic -
    or the lowest number possible -
    very likely 100 ...
    your profile portrait is beautiful!
    and high amoung my fc
    f a v o u r i t e s ;-))
    northern greetings
  • ladyyy 12/01/2008 23:26

    I saw myself in few years , as this elegant lady, having tea, listening to classical music and still enjoying life .
  • YRG 12/01/2008 23:17

    Oh, thank you, Sherief!
    Your comment of this picture
    just beauty
    just beauty

    and visit are very important for me.

    Best wishes,
  • ladyyy 12/01/2008 22:11

    Many thanks for taking time to comment on my photos.
    I'm sorry, i'm so very busy that I can not reciprocate all the comments written. Forgive please.
  • phoenix.ater 09/01/2008 13:14

    Thanks again. I liked Egypt very much and I would be glad to visit it again one day :)
  • phoenix.ater 08/01/2008 17:45

    Dear Sherief,
    Thank you very, very much for the comment on Egyptian! I came back from Egypt just several days ago and I'm still realizing everything I saw there. It was an amazing experience. And that man was very nice and had some strange, positive aura. I can really say, his face bears all the good things about Egypt, at least for me.
    Thanks once more!

  • Perry Blevins 08/01/2008 7:46

    Thank you for your nice comments on

    Regards, Perry
  • Doug Hough 03/01/2008 23:54

    Hi Sherief, Thank you for visiting my gallery and for all the comments you left behind. Best Wishes, Doug
    Ugly Girl
    Ugly Girl
    Doug Hough
    Doug Hough
    Doug Hough
  • Jan Van Der Hooft 03/01/2008 14:45


  • Canan Oner 03/01/2008 0:27

    Thanks a lot for the visit and beautiful words Sherief !!!

    Best wishes,
  • Manu61 29/12/2007 16:20

    Welcome Sherief !
    Thanks for the comment and for the information from the mouse.
  • Dirk Hofmann 27/12/2007 22:52

    - open the menu on the right side of your screen
    - select "membership"
    - select "my profile"
    - "edit my profile"

  • Sherief 27/12/2007 11:32

    Thank you very much for your welcoming spirit, My only problem now is that I want to fulfill my profile requirements but unfortunately cant find where or how.
  • Abdul Khaliq 27/12/2007 11:28

    Hi Sherief,
    Welcome to

    The spirit of Fotocommunity is to share knowledge, inspiration and thoughts as a team. Everyone can participate and everyone will share his experiences. So I hope you will enjoy it and if you have further questions don't hesitate to contact anybody from the support team.

    Our info system is up right now but it is growing permanent:

    Abdul – Channelmanager for Subjects

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