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Hi :) My name is Deni and I am originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, but I've been living in Berlin for about four years now, because I study here. My favourite motives are animals and nature (especially macros), but also carnivals and people I find interesting for some reason. I never use Photoshop, except if I want to experiment and have fun, my aim is to take pictures, which don't need any corrections. Of course, I am not that good yet (hope to be it someday), so I sometimes use the histogram or add a few points of contrast, in order to pimp, or better to say, normalize, my photographs. Pictures, taken with the "auto"-mode of my camera are rare too, I always try to work on "manual".

My Camera: CANON PowerShot A620

Thanks for visiting my profile, I hope, you found something you like :) Have a nice day!

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  • Jutta Ploessner 27/02/2010 3:45

    Hi, Deni! May I call you that? Phoenix is one of my grandson's name ... :-)
    Thank you so much for your comment, it was very much appreciated.
    Best wishes from Jutta in Edgewood, British Columbia.
    Not a poodle ...
    Not a poodle ...
    Jutta Ploessner
  • Valter Filippeschi 24/02/2010 16:41

    Thank you for your kind comment..
  • Kaith Kakavouli 27/12/2009 23:00

    wishing the best for 2010 !!!!
  • Kaith Kakavouli 17/12/2009 15:18

  • sayler 13/07/2009 18:26

    Thanx for your comment , u have beautiful smile .
  • Fons van Swaal 05/06/2009 11:44

    Thanks a lot Deni...
    Greetings , have a nice day....;-))
  • Viera 26/05/2009 23:41

    Very interesting photos, well done, just continue!!
    BR, Viera
  • William Williamson 04/12/2008 1:06

    Hi Deni;
    Thank you for your comment on "Impressionable Un-edited"
    Regards William.
  • Vanessa Halvorsen 24/07/2008 18:27

    Thank you so much for yout comment!
    It means alot to me :-)
  • Sherief 08/01/2008 17:48

    Hello there and thanks for your nice comment...
    No more worries about cats and rats Deni. Just like Tom and Jerry, eventually they have become together, even more together than the show itself!!!
  • Haitham Sam 10/12/2007 19:49

    hi Deni...
    danke für deine schreiben ;)
    ich komme aus Kairo , aber ich wonne in Bremen,
    und nächste Woche fliege ich nach Ägypten ..
    das ist meine jahresurlaub :)
    möchtest du was von kairo mitzubringen :) ?
  • Francesco Margarita 08/12/2007 8:29

    Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo
    Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo
    Francesco Margarita

    Marry Christmas and a good New Year 2008 ********
    Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo 2008

    francesco margarita
  • Sissi Blume 23/11/2007 21:57

  • Chantal van vliet 13/09/2007 21:50

    Thanks for your comment on Full Moon.
    First I didn't know how to photgraphe this moon, but then I took the actionphoto stand and then it worked....
    I have one with the moon in the center, but this one is better I think so too!
    Gr. Chantal
  • Pictured Life 13/09/2007 20:51

    guten tag ebenso! ;)
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