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Been interested in photography for years. Seriously for 2 years. Biologist in profession. I love nature and macros belong to my favorites.

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  • Fons van Swaal 28/12/2008 18:05

    Happy New Year Vaclav,
    Hope all your wishes come through in 2009...
  • Carolina K. 10/12/2008 20:08

    Amazing pictures!
  • Vladimir Eskin 06/04/2008 0:04

    Thanks Vaclav for your comments.
    You have amazing portfolio
  • Ladislav Patrný 21/11/2007 21:28

    Ahoj Vaclave,
    gratuluji, pekna fota, hlavne makra.
    ahoj Ladislav
  • Henrique Augusto 14/02/2007 18:41

    that caterpillar was found in a travel in the last month here in Brasil. there was a tree full of they. is very poisonous, a simple touch can cause internal hemorrhage. but is very handsome.

  • Elle Gottzi 12/02/2007 12:53

    your shots are really amazing. everytime,i see something rerally breathtaking,and click on it..i'm founding out at the end , that it's yours..

    keep the great work.

  • Lubos Vanek 09/02/2007 11:01

    Vidim, ze krome makra umite i peknou krajinu - most pres vodu v rannim slunci. To prokresleni je az neskutecne, napr. odrazy stromu ve vode i dalsi detaily. Je na to uzita nejaka special metoda jako HDRI nebo podobne?? Vase makra jsou uzasna. Zdravi Lubos Vanek
  • Leos Ricanek 09/01/2007 19:37

    wonderful shots, especially life of insects
    krasny fotky, hlavne ty ze zivota hmyzu
    cim toto fotis
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 29/03/2006 22:08

    What a beautiful and varied portfolio. As Vladimir says, your macro shots are outstanding. So when do we get to see the face behind the images. All the best from Canada - Patrick
  • Vladimir Danilov 06/03/2006 11:01

    Another greetings from Russia/Moscow. Love your images, these wonderful and masterfully executed macros. A real pleasure to view and enjoy. Glad we have you here!

    Good luck and happy shots!!!
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 03/03/2006 15:21

    Hi and thanks for your comments. I have visited your works very good they are, and looks like another great photographer has just joined in this site, welcome!
    Greeting from Russia
  • When 24/02/2006 11:41

    Welcome to FC from Seattle, Washington. Hope you enjoy yourself here. If you need any help getting around just ask.
  • Jacqueline Chay 24/02/2006 11:22

    Welcome to fotocommunity - Great first pics you have posted. Looking forward to more - Regards Jackie
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