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Travel has rekindled my passion for photography. Currently I am starting a small photo business and trying to decide what direction to take it. Travel, portraiture, stock... not sure yet only time will tell. Until then I'll continue to post photos from far and near.

Equipment used: Canon 20D, 5D with Canon lenses.

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  • ZornigeCamera 09/11/2006 4:48

    nice colorfull pictures. I was looking in the CA folder because I booked 16 days in CA in Jan 07 and like theese appetizer....... thank you from Germany. some of my 1995 CA pics are a "dxpeditions"
  • Lisa Francis 14/09/2004 3:22

    Shelley ~

    In answer to you question to my photo"The Ride" yes I did use photoshop to acheive the infrared look. and then I went back into the photo and used the history brush to add the color back into the riders.

  • Irina No 13/09/2004 19:52

    Hello Shelley! You have very impressive photos! Colors everywhere! ))
    I like your positive style ))

    Good luck!

  • Elaine Liebenbaum 11/09/2004 8:20

    Hi Shelley
    Im interested to know more about you,
    Your shots are fantastic!
    take care
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