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Hi~ I have been an amatuer photographer for about 30 years now, self taught, I read a lot of books and shot a lot of film. I shoot strictly digital now which I love.... I shoot mostly landscapes but I am getting into shooting portraits.

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  • Isidre Marco i Tuset 03/05/2005 21:11

    Hi Lisa, thanks for your nice comment.
    I just try to keep in my pictures the places I love.
    Regards from Spain.

  • Rob Wells 01/05/2005 19:36

    Thanks for the postive comment on my pic.
  • Werner Nienstedt 14/09/2004 10:13

    Hi Lisa,
    thanks for your comment!

    Gruss (Greetings) Werner
  • Lisa Francis 08/09/2004 23:26

    Hi Elaine thanks for the compliment but I am 43 years young!!! Wow you have a 10D huh how much do you love it? i am saving for the 1D.
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 08/09/2004 14:26

    Hi Lisa,
    welcome to fotocommunity. your write that youve been shooting for 30 years, then I guess your profile picture is an old one, 'cause you pass for 30 here. ;-))
    Im self taught too and this is a great place for folks like us.
    Nice to see you here, and have fun
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