Rob Nagelhout

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About me

Due to physical problems (hands) I've sold all my gear (Canon and Fuji) and now I'm editing some old photographs I made in the past.
Mainly portraits.

I'm a very straight forward guy and can handle critics on my photographs just as I can deliver some critics on other work too.
But always in a respectful way.
The only friends I have are the people how I know personally, I don't believe in friendships as seen at photography forums like this one because these are mostly friendships for benefits.
Every written reaction will always get a reaction from my side in return.
And "thank you's" are not necessary.

Comments 7

  • Fran Gonzalez Carbonell 28/10/2022 14:41

    Un saludo cordial de mi parte.
  • ruubin 01/09/2022 4:57

    Great pictures!!!
    gruss robert
  • tsara_be 13/08/2022 13:10

    Thank you very much, Rob, for looking at my photos and for your compliments on some of them. Regards, tsara_be
  • J Oscar Sierra Echo 13/08/2022 12:41

    Dear Rob,
    Appreciated you went through my portfolio. Hope you found some pictures pleased you and looking forward for some "revival" pictures you posted in previous FC life!
    Best wishes and keep safe and Healthy.
  • tsara_be 04/08/2022 21:32

    Thank you very much, Rob, for the many compliments you have given to my photos. Best regards, tsara_be
  • Dragomir Vukovic 03/08/2022 17:20

    Great light with you Rob, and great health to you !!!
  • Norma 03/08/2022 8:07

    Dag Rob,
    Wat jammer dat je niet meer kunt fotograferen. Je foto’s zijn prachtig! Mooi dat je bewerken ook leuk vindt een mooie bezigheid die je door de huidige technieken ook steeds weer kunt bijschaven. Bedankt voor je commentaren op mijn foto’s , Mooie complimenten. Ik ga je volgen.  Groet, Norma


  • Photographer (advanced stage)
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