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I fell in love with photography in 68-69 when i was living in Berkeley. Purchased a 35mm at a pawn shop for $12.00 and never looked back.
I hope that when people look at my photos you will not just compliment my work, but give me "constructive criticism". It's how i learn, one thing about photography i have come to realize is, it never ends, there is no "perfect shot" and i can always have done it differently.
That is the beauty and the beast and my love for it and sharing the experience with like minded people is truly icing on the spaghetti !!

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  • Nikolaus Benz 16/04/2015 1:55

    Thanks for your comment Raul but, notice that in the foreground the Flower Stems are vertical suggesting that the background is on a slope!
    Nikolaus Benz
  • Adele D. Oliver 20/12/2011 3:59

    Seasons Greetings and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year to you and your loved ones !
    A Very Special Christmas
    A Very Special Christmas
    Adele D. Oliver

  • Adele D. Oliver 18/11/2011 4:42

    Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment !!!
    best wishes from Canada,
    November in Vancouver
    November in Vancouver
    Adele D. Oliver
  • jr. prom date 28/05/2011 8:02

    Raul...could you be the same person that was my jr. prom date...got a notion to look up old friends who impacted my junior years and you were one of them...maybe? If so, I'd love to hear where life has taken you. Louise Jewell, lower merion, ocean city, the park by merion station, etc.
    louise@louisejewell.com and I'm on facebook.
  • Anca Silvia B. 20/02/2011 17:42

    Thank you my friend,hugs,anca
  • Bernd Ullrich 20/02/2011 2:00

    Thanks for your comment :-)
    *UHU* (Bubo)
    *UHU* (Bubo)
    Bernd Ullrich
  • Deryck 20/12/2010 22:00

  • adriano j faria 11/06/2010 22:35

    Hi Raul,thank you so much for your comments!!!
    its good to have you back!!!!

    many ugs from Portugal.

  • Fabrizio Caratelli 30/05/2010 18:18

    Grazie +++

  • Yochi 29/05/2010 21:08

    Thanks for your comment!
    Pelicans in Love
    Pelicans in Love
  • Max Ruckman 17/01/2010 23:41

    Thank you for your nice comment on my dog picture!

  • Deryck 22/12/2009 15:57

    Hi Raul
    I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2010

  • Lili Hawsack 28/08/2009 7:04

    Thanks for your nice words Raul. It feels good to know somebody sits far looking at my picures and enjoy them.
  • Nikolaus Benz 13/04/2009 19:19

    Hi Raul!
    I hope that you are well.
    Today I was visiting an animal farm in the Cotswold’s in England where I came across the following text about the Horse. I thought you would be interested in this.
    Best wishes,
    Nikolaus Benz

    The Horse
    Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride, friendship without envy or beauty without vanity?
    Here where grace is laced with muscle, and strength by gentleness confined.
    He serves without servility; he has fought without enmity.
    There is nothing so powerful. Nothing less violent. There is nothing so quick. Nothing more patient.
    England’s past has been borne on his back.
    All our history is his industry,
    we are his heirs, he is our inheritance

    Written for the horse of the Year Show by Ronald Duncan
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