Cristina Ioana S.

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I have been in love with photography since i was very young, and by that i mean the past 10 years. I like it because this kind of art pictures our lives in ways we cannot express it; a picture can tell 100 feelings that can't be told by words.

Constructive criticism is welcome, i want to improve my photography technique and to widen my perspectives :)

I was using a Panasonic FZ8, but i now have a Nikon d60, with some lenses: 18-55 mm, 28-80 mm and 100 mm macro.


I like this site and it's users because I find it very welcoming, friendly, kind, cozy and, at the same time, full of valuable information any photographer can use. I like this sharing of feelings, passion and knowledge that this Community provides!


Lots of "Thank you"s to Brigitte Lucke, for the gallery proposal of my photo, "Fear"!!!

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